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Course Syllabus for English I

Instructor: Ms. Valerie Burton

Room: 121

NonTeaching Pd: 2nd


Goals of the Course

Learn written and conversational french with an emphasis on modern  









Short Story

3 Wks.



3 Wks.

Interval 1 – February 13, 2012- February 17, 2012



2 Wks.



2.5 Wks.

Interval 2 – April 16, 2012-April 20, 2012


The Novel

3 Wks.


The Epic

2.5 Wks.



Class Resources




LCC may be accessed@



Content Area Literacy Strategies

 (view literacy strategy descriptions)



Blackline Masters 


English II EOC Assessment Guide PDF

Released Items 2010 English II PDF

Released Items 2009 English II PDF 

Holt Elements of Literature, Fourth Course © 2007 

Student Edition Price: $66.95

Holt Elements of Language, Fourth Course © 2009

Student Edition Price: $76.95


LCC may be accessed@http://www.louisianaschools.net/topics/comprehensive_curriculum.html 

Content Area Literacy Strategies(view literacy strategy descriptions)

Content Literacy Strategies Interactive http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/cc/18str/18str.htm

Blackline Masters (BLMs)http://secondaryela.jppss.k12.la.us/secondaryela-hscurriculum/

English II EOC Assessment Guide PDF

Released Items 2010 English II PDF

Released Items 2009 English II PDF


Graded Course Components




Wiki Participation 

XXXXX summary of each chapter/week



Problem Sets and Notebook 

Much of our class time will be spent working in teams and individually on problem sets. These problem

sets form the core of the course. They will encourage you to sharpen your conversation skills 



Throughout the semester, we will be using vocabulary to increase our understanding of French culture.  This work will culminate in the production and display of an informative collection of pages on our course wiki.




We will have two take-home midterms and a final exam. The take home midterms are tentatively scheduled

for XXXX and XXXX. The midterms will be worth 15% each. The date and time for the final exam is set

by the registrar. The final exam will be cumulative and will be worth 20% of your grade.



Other Information




Preparation, Attendance, and Pacing

This class meets daily and each day a specific literary selection will be read, viewed, discussed and/or analyzed.  A significant amount of the work for class will be occurring daily so attendance is important.  If absent you must check the Daily Assignment Blog, http://englishiwork.wordpress.com to see what assignments your class has missed.  To keep up with the pace of the class, you should ...

  • re-read notes and assignments



Incomplete/Late Work

According to the university, the grade of "incomplete" is reserved for "exceptional cases, where an unanticipated event beyond ones control interferes with a student's completion of course requirements."  


Course Grade

Grading is on a straight scale (no curve), with 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% guaranteeing A-, B-, C-, and D- respectively. Remember that attendance is required and missing class can result in a grade reduction or even a failing grade.


Curriculum Delivery

Curriculum delivery is varied in my class.  We do a variety of activities and assignments and the students create and publish a variety of products.


Lessons will be delivered: face to face, lecture style, whole class/small group activities, whole class/small group/individual computer based assignments, etc. There is also a strong computer component to this class.  While the class is not an internet-based program, frequent technology use is expected.




            Quizzes                                    15%

            Tests                                        40%

            Essays                                     15%

            Assignments                            10%

            Additional (Projects, etc.)          5%

            Cumulative Exam                    15%



  • Take notes as you go through the lessons assigned in the Units.  You may use your notes on topic tests, quizzes, and practice/homework assignments.
  • You may take notes in the form of eNotes (on the computer) OR on paper, but you must show me your notes in order to be granted a retake on a quiz or test.
  • You may take quizzes and topic tests two times each.
  • After two unsuccessful attempts, I may reassign you to the homework, reassign the lectures, or grant a retake, depending upon the quality of your notes.


Personal Responsibility

I believe that you are old enough to understand “work ethics” so I have adopted a business-like model for our school. Treat your time in class as you would a job for which you are being paid. Keep in mind that this is your school and you must put into it what you want to get out of it.  Actions that can get you “reprimanded” are:


  • Sleeping.
  • Using the Internet not associated with a class assignment.
  • Instant messaging/checking email when not instructed to use in class.
  • Repeatedly being off-task or disturbing other students,
  • Creating a classroom disturbance such as a conflict with another student, profanity, losing your temper, etc.
  • Exhibiting negative attitudes toward classmates, staff, or school expectations
  • Cell phone/Camera use when not instructed to use in class


Food and Drink

Food and drink are not allowed in the classroom.  I will if the weather dictates allow water but that is one a case by case basis.


Academic Honesty

When you are seated in close quarters and it is easy to see the paper/computer of the student next to you, it is very tempting to help him/her with assignments or to ask for help with your own.  Unless we are involved in a Kagan structured activity that requires interaction with your classmates, I expect that every student will do his or her own work without giving or receiving help.  Repeated infractions can result in a reprimand.


For this Semester of Intermediate Composition you will create and publish the following:



Personal Narrative

Book Cover

Response to Literature

Original Storytelling

Traditional Storytelling

Informative Speaking

News Writing

Opinion Writing

Business Letter



Technical Writing

Short Story

Personal/Class Blog Posts


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