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Who I am and Where Did I Come From

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One with our first assignments for our English class is about you

You will be using music, words  and pictures.



  1. Brainstorm some specific things about yourself that you’d like to share.  Try to think about 20 things to share.  Make sure your list includes

                        1. people who are important to you

                        2. places you really enjoy

                        3. things you are interested in and enjoy (hobbies, sports, music, food)

                        4. my family:  family members, events and places that have helped you to become who you are

  1. When you have at least 20 items on your list, start looking for/thinking about quotations, pictures and music that represent those people, places, and things.  You can use personal photographs, clip art, downloaded pictures from websites, or your own uploaded drawings for this visual element.   Your  choices must include quotations, pictures and music that fall into four categories: people, places, things and my family
  2. You will be using this information to complete a wikipage that defines who you are and what you like.  The page will host links to blog posts, wikipage activities and digital stories.  Your entries will fall into the following ‘chapters’
    1. Your Neighborhood 
    2. Fun times from Childhood
    3. A Time You Got in Trouble 
    4. Childhood Fairy Tales
    5. Advice from an Adult
    6. A Positive Story from Your Experiences at School
    7. A Special Family Member
    8. A Negative Story from Your Experiences at School
    9. A Happy Time for You
    10. Receiving public recognition
    11. A Special Holiday              
    12. A Special Birthday
    13. Your first girl/boyfriend
    14. A Birth
    15. A Death
    16. Life in New Orleans
    17. Feelings associated with favorite song
    18. A day you would re-live if you could
    19. 1 Additional Chapter on an approved topic of your choice 



You will have ten total chapters for your story.

You may write one additional chapter for up to ten points extra credit.


Chapter length depends upon the medium:  A chapter under 3 minutes/ 250 words will be considered underdeveloped and will not receive the full points per chapter.

     The chapters can be in any order you choose as long as it follows your Table of Contents.  The project is worth 1000 points and should reflect a great deal of effort.  We will spend time in class as well as out of class to completing this project.


For this Semester of Intermediate Composition you will create and publish the following:



Personal Narrative

Book Cover

Response to Literature

Original Storytelling

Traditional Storytelling

Informative Speaking

News Writing

Opinion Writing

Business Letter



Technical Writing

Short Story

Personal/Class Blog Posts

I am looking forward to getting to know you.  Have fun!


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