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Monster 4d

Page history last edited by William 9 years, 10 months ago


Group Members: La'Sheika Weatherspoon, Courtney Zilton, Germaine Hall, Jaleel Sylvester, Williams Wells, Anthony Poole . 




Your group is responsible for creating a monster that is fearful and fierce.  You must be sure to describe carefully the monster so that it can be recreated by your partnering group.


What part do you play in creating the monster?  Describe in detail your contribution



 la'sheika weatherspoon



jaleel sylvester 

Arms & Hands


anthony poole 

Legs & Feet


germaine hall 

Picture of


william wells                                                                    


Description of our monster:


Head is shaped like a .  It is with ............. a ball with an arrow with horns.

The torso is shaped like . It is with ............. its shaped like a box. 

The legs are shaped like . It is with ............. turkey legs.

The arms are shaped like . It is with ............. very strong arms.


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