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myranda letter to tyrone nd tamika

Page history last edited by mboudreaux61 10 years, 3 months ago

October 1.2010.

Dear Tamika,

How have you been? I heard about the little conflicts that you and Tyrone are having. I think that you could do a lot better. I now have no respect for Tyrone as a person and I think he is very wrong for what he did. Tamika, you have a beautiful son and he does not need to be watching this or live in a house hold with this stuff going on.

When your mother called me last week and told this news that he beat you, she was really in tears. You know as her daughter that she knows what’s right and what’s wrong. When Aunt Gina was growing up, she got beaten from Uncle Jimmy. Your father beat your mother like Tyrone is beating you. But your mother now knows that it was wrong of what he did and therefore she did what she had to do to where she was able to go on with her life, and raise you as a child should be raised.

At first, you were smart for calling the police and pressing charges on him. Then the minute you dropped the charges that’s where everything went wrong. Now that he knows no matter what he does you’re going to go back to him. He is going to think that it’s okay for him to beat you. As you know, when he was young, he watched his mother get beat by his father. So apparently he thinks it’s the right thing to do. With this being said, with your son being the age Tyrone was watching his mother get beat; when he grows up the chances of him beating his wife or any woman he is with is very high.

So Tamika do me a favor and think about what I told you and be very careful.


Myranda Boudreaux


October 1. 2010

Dear Tyrone,

Tyrone I first want to ask you to read this letter through before you do anything else. I heard about the incident with you beating Tamika and I think you are very wrong for it. No-matter what a woman does, it doesn’t give you any right in the world to lay a hand on them. Tamika loves you dearly and so does your 5yr old son. This is not a good influence on him at all.

I understand that when you were young your mother got beaten by your father. You had to see all the hell your mother went through and how much she was in pain. This still doesn’t give you any right to hit a woman. With this being said all this is going to do is tell the baby that it’s okay which it is really not.

P.S: Tyrone try to get some family counseling to help yall out a little.



Myranda Boudreaux.


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