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Glorias advice to Tameka

Page history last edited by Gloria 10 years, 2 months ago

 Dear, Tameka

Octuber 1,2010


        Well hi tameka my mom and I were talking yesterday  and she was telling me what went on wit you and Tyron.

I was formaly thinking I really need to give you good advice from my point of view. Tameka remember one thing before i start telling you what i need to say you have a 5 year old son named Jacob and I know you love him with all your heart and you want the best for him. Well to get started, why did you cancle the charges against Tyron. From my point of view girl you should go to church and praise the lord because i know he will make you release more then what Im.I know you wouldnt like it if your son grows up and hits his girlfriend and if you think he is not going to do that look whating now hitting you in front of your kid he will grow up thinking he needs to hit a women. You have to think whats the best for Jacob. I think you need to leave that men i have known you for the longest and you are not like that your mom is really disapointed because you got back with him it's like if you are picking a men over your family. I know you don't like to walk with bruises around you and a black eye. Do you really like people to see like that? I know you are beautiful and you are letting a men put your hopes down remember what we use to say there are many man in this world it like finding a fish in the sea. You might have a son but you will find the right man for you, you have to go through alot to find the right one. You know you can come stay at my house if you decide to move from that house. Well you are letting a men hit you like if you are nothing in these world you mean alot to many people and family so think whats the best for you and atleast put him in a counsiling not just him you to because you are letting him know you are rapped around his finger. You might think it's not his fault for hitting you just because he saw his mom get beat no i know you wouldn't like it if a men puts a hand on your mom so think of that the women who bought you to life i know he thinks about that. Last thing im going to say to you is do the best for you and Jacob.






October 1, 2010


Dear, Tyron


      Hi! I was wondering how you been doing lately. I heard you and Tameke were having problems and i wanted to tell you i know your dad might of hit your mom and you got used to seeing that but do you like to know that your mother the one who had you in her stomach for 9 months and the one who bought you to this world is getting hit by your dad. Do you like your son to see all that

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