Aylas advice to Tameka

Dear Tyrone;


     I feel soo sorry 4 yu tht i now kno tht yu beated on my cuzin, Tameka. I dont care if yu thought tht hittin on a woman lik tht is ok, but i kno 4 show tht wen yu hang wit yur guyz,they b talkin bout how gud they treat they women nd how they DONT BEAT ON THEM NOT NO MATTA HOW MUCH THEY MAD @ DHEM.And yu also wrong 4 lettin my cuz believe tht it wasnt yo fault nd tht it waz yur dads fault 4 beatin on yo mom n front of yu ....makin yu believe tht its ok tu beat on gurlz!!!And now we all gettin yu some help, some help n jail wit my personal friend, Jesus. He LOVES "helpin" lil boyz lik yurself, tht b think itz ok tu beat on women. And yu wanna find out y he n jail.... well imma tell yu any wayz, he is there 4 bruttling beat tu death his daughter's boyfriend 4 hittin on ha. And just tu give yu ah heads up tha soaps dere n jail r extra slippery :).


                                                                                                                                  WIT LOTZ OF LOVE,

                                                                                                                                            Ayla Smoak :P