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perla_'s letter to tyron

Page history last edited by Perla 9 years, 11 months ago


My mother and I found out about what happen with you and Tyron and plus we saw your pictures and they are horrifying. I just think you and Oliver should come and live with me for a couple of days for you and your Oliver’s safety and just think what you’re going to do next with Tyron. Hopefully you make the right choice by punishing him because he has no right to lay one finger on you. How’s Oliver is he okay? Was he there when it happen?

And Tameka, if you are going to take Tyron back you are going too go though it again. I think when you see Tyron and IF you take him back and I think ya’ll should take counseling and IF he loves you he would take it too. Im just hoping that you will do the best choice for your child if you love Oliver then you will be smart enough to leave Tyron. It’s not a good environment for him just please do the right choice. Think about you your future your child think about your life! Hope too see you soon tell Oliver hi and that I miss him and love him. Remember do the right choice!

Love,Perla <3


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