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diamonds letter to tameka __ tyrone

Page history last edited by Diamond 9 years, 10 months ago

Dear Tameka,

I think that you should have left Tyrone. Being beaten is something that should be taken seriously, its should not be done in front of your child. He should not be seeing that because he might grow up doing the same thing that’s how it gets passed down from generation to generation. I know you feel that you have a connection with him because you guys have a child together. But you can put him on child support and I would fie charges. He knows that he is in the wrong but, I guess that’s how he was raised. Also stop going back to him because it’s not worth getting beat just to have someone. He doesn’t love you if he is beating you that is not a healthy relationship.

Be smart…











Dear Tyrone,

You are a very lucky man. If I was Tameka I would have press charges on you. And I would have left you and

Put you on child support. I guess you have been see your mother get beat. But you know it’s not right so why fight Tameka. I advise you to stop beating on Tameka because I will personally come up there and it won’t be pretty





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