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Eva Underground Railroad

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On the Plantation: Life as Slave


To start, listen to the story of the runaway slave, then click around the scene to learn more about life on a Southern plantation, read “Growing Up in Slavery” to meet Fannie Moore and after you’ve explored these resources ,answer these questions.

1. What did it mean to be a slave? What were some of the basic rights that slaves did not have?

A slave was a person who worked for plantation owner which most of the time was a white man and the slave an African-American.A slave didn't have the same rights as a whit person.They couldn't go to school,they had to work for their owners,and they had to live very poorly.

2. Why did people own slaves in the United States in the 1800s?

People owned slaves so they could work for them on their plantations and pick cotton.

3. When did slavery begin in the United States? Where did the first slaves come from?

The first slaves arrived in the 1500s and were sold in the U.S.

4. Describe the life of a slave on a Southern plantation. Where did slaves live? What kinds of work did they do? How were they punished?

The life of a slave was very rough.They lived in slave cabins which had one or two rooms,a leaky roof,drafty walls,and dirt floors.A stack of hay was their bed.They worked on the plantation,picked cotton,workd as a servant,took care of the owners' children,and more.

5. What do you think were some of the hardest things about being a slave?

I think that some of the hardest things were waking up early,sleeping late,


Escape! The Underground Railroad


Listen to the story of the runaway slave, then click around the scene to learn more about how slaves made their escapes and found their way. After you’ve explored these resources, answer these questions.

1. Why did some enslaved African Americans try to escape from their owners? Why was this such a dangerous act?

They tried to escape because they couldn't take the hardwork anymore.They wanted to be frre.It was a dangerous act because if they were caught they were given a punishment such as gettin beaten.

2. How did most slaves travel when they escaped? How did they find their way?

Most slaves traveled at night.They found their way by looking at the stars.They used the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper to find the North Star which was at the tip of the Little Dipper.This star guided them to the North which was Canada.

3. What were some of the worst dangers and challenges that runaway slaves faced?

One danger was they were in risk of getting caught.Another would be the traps and snares that were set out for the slaves to get caught.Another would be their scent.Dogs were used to track them down by there scent.

4. How did runaways try to avoid getting caught? What happened if they were caught?

They ran through rivers and leaves so their scent could wear-off.If they were caught they were beaten as a puinshment.

5. What was the Underground Railroad? Who were the “passengers” and the “conductors”?

It wasn't a real railroad but just a secret network of people,places,and routes in the North that were helping slaves find freedom and get them to Canada.One famous passenger was Harriet Tubman who returned to the South to help other slaves.Others were Levi Coffin and William Still.

6. Why did the Underground Railroad have to be so secretive? What are some ways that people on the Underground Railroad kept their work – and runaway slaves – hidden?

It had to be secretive because if they were caught,not only would the slaves be puinshed but the conductors and everybody else who helped would also be punished.One way they kept it a secret was by using a secret code.For example,a man with a group of slaves who have just arrived would say,"A friend with a group of friends." 


Reaching Safety: Heroes for the Cause


To start, listen to the story of the runaway slave, then click around the scene to learn how some abolitionists helped fugitives reach freedom. Try the “Harriet Tubman Web Quest,” to learn about the life of this brave woman who risked her life to guide hundreds of enslaved African Americans to freedom.

1. Were runaway slaves free once they reached the Northern states? Explain your answer.

No,because they were fugitives and anyone could turn them in.For example,since there are laws about him being here,any person rather they approve or disapprove slavery can turn him in because they can be punished for helping the.

2. Who were the abolitionists? How did they spread their message?

The abolitionists were people who worked to end slavery.They provided shelters and transportation,donated food,gave money,and even went down to the South and helped free slaves.The spread their message by writing and forming groups.

3. What are some ways that abolitionists helped runaways on the Underground Railroad?

They donated transporation,food,shelter,and money.Some even went down and helped them escape.

4. Did all abolitionists support the Underground Railroad? Why or why not?

No,because since it was against the law,they didn't want to get caught helping the slaves.

5. Why was it so dangerous for people to help runaway slaves?

It was dangerous because if they were caught,not only would the slaves be puinshed but they would be too.

6. Who was Harriet Tubman? How do you think she and the Northern abolitionists helped each other’s cause?

Harriet Tubman was a slave that escaped and returned many times to help free other slaves.She worked closely with Frederick Douglas and other important people.


Almost Free: Life in the North

Have you explored all the resources in “Almost Free: Life in the North”? To start, listen to the

story of the runaway slave, then click around the scene to discover what life was like for fugitives in the North.  See “Compare Two Worlds: The North vs. South,” for interactive maps that identify important differences between the North and South before the Civil War. After you’ve explored these resources, answer these questions.

1. What are some of the different places that slaves settled in the North? Why did many runaways go to Canada?

They hid in the woods and with other black families.Sometimes with white people too.Canada was the only place were they were truly free.

2. What were some of the challenges the newcomers faced as they started their new lives?

Most of them were scared because they were runaway slaves and fugitives.Anybody could have turned them in.Also white people kept their eye on them.

3. What were three major differences between the North and the South before the Civil War?

The South were the slave states and the North didn't approve of slaves.

4. What was the Emancipation Proclamation? What impact did it have?

5. Why did so many African Americans fight in the Civil War on the side of the Union?

The Union States were trying to abolish slavery and the African Americans didn't want slavery anymore.

6. What was one important outcome of the Civil War?

The Union won and slavery was abloished.

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