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future of learning

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Did you know 4 from V Burton on Vimeo.

  1. After watching “Did You Know,” imagine that it is the year is 2025 and write a short first person narrative, including the following aspects of life in that year:
  2. Where do you see yourself in 2025?
  3. What role do you see yourself playing in society?
  4. How are you coping with the realities foreshadowed in the video?
  5. What are the technological advances?
  6. What are the medical advances and/or new health concerns?
  7. Have the changes in technology and society caused the job market to change?
  8. Do people spend more or less time working?
  9. What is the political climate?
  10. What is the state of the environment?
  11. How is technology helping or hurting the environment?

Take into consideration the facts presented in the video and how they might impact your future reality.

Mobile learning, enabled by wireless access in learning spaces, offers new opportunities for engaging learners.

Researchers also found that wireless in learning environments improved communication and collaboration in the classroom and increased student engagement in learning activities in classroom and non-classroom settings.

Are you ready for the new classrooms? Technology in the classroom…

  • Allows learners to easily take classroom activities, presentations, and notes with them after class.

  • Fosters group work by students and communication between students and instructors.

  • Facilitates use of the Internet and digital materials in lessons which encourages in-class research and promotes computer literacy.

  • Encourages learners to personalize their learning experience -- access to personal resources makes classroom learning more flexible for learners.


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