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PreWriting for podcasts

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For this assignment you must look carefully at your chosen artifact and

  1. Examine the picture individually for a few minutes, jotting down any features or details that you notice. Who? is doing what? when? where? why? how?

  2. Consulting your notes as necessary, brainstorm about the possible events and characters this picture illustrates. Complete a chart like the one below and place the words or phrases under headings such as Character, Setting, Situation, and Vocabulary. You will need to turn this in.

  3. Write from one character's point of view. Write about the character's feelings and thoughts, tell the story that leads up to the picture, or narrate the events that follow. Don't only describe the picture but invent an original story related to the event illustrated. 

  1. Questions to be answered about the artifacts: 1. What is the subject of the painting? Is the painting based on a real person/event?2. What features of the painting attracts your attention? Images? Symbols? Information inferred? Facial expression, body language, style of dress?3. What is the mood of the painting? How does it make you feel when you examine the painting? Why?4. Does the painting present an accurate picture of the event/person/period? How is each character or event portrayed?5. How does the artist use color?6. How does the artist use symbols and/or images?7. What do you think the artist/author might be trying to communicate about her/his subject? What is the desired effect? Is the author/artist trying to influence or lead public opinion, project public opinion or bias, highlight or simplify the significance of an event?

  2. Begin pre-work on your podcast. Write down your introduction for your chosen artifact

  • When I first saw the artifact I could imagine/see/feel/

  • Looking at this artifact it is easy to see that

  • This piece reminds me of

  • It is easy to imagine …. when you look at this painting

  • I can hear/see/imagine the … in this picture ….ing.

  • What could the artist have really meant by…?

  • I think that he used the … to say….

  • It is so unexpected to see….. or I expected to see…

  • It is easy to imagine or It is hard to imagine

  • It makes me laugh/cry/cringe/wonder…..

  • The mood of this painting is

  • I really like this artifact because

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