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Faux Facebook

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Historical Figure Facebook Project


The purpose of the project is to create a Facebook page on a historical figure.  You will have several days of computer time to complete the research and construction of the page.   Use this sheet to complete your research before you begin constructing the page and finding pictures.  Use PowerPoint to create your page.  While you are working on your page, you may need to save it and upload it to the wiki or blog so that you can continue to work on it.  Upon completion of the page, please save it and upload it to SlideShare account. (buccaneers and buccaneers)


Create a Facebook page for a historical figure using the following guidelines:


  • Name of historical figure at the top of the page
  • 1 Profile Picture of your historical figure
  • Information Corner/Basic Information
    • Network
    • Birthday
    • Political Affiliation
    • Religion
    • Hometown
  • Friends Corner:
    • 6 pictures of people that are/would be friends with your figure
  • Write 6 significant facts on The Wall.  These facts need to highlight important events that your historical figure is famous for.  Each comment must be about a separate event and include the date.  The comment can be from your figure or from someone associated with your figure.  (use the back of this sheet to write these)
  • Personal Information:  (At least 1 of each)
    • Activities
    • Interests
    • Favorite Music
    • Favorite Movies
    • Be creative!  You may add Flairs, Quizzes, Icons – anything that will enhance your project.

      Favorite TV Shows
    • Favorite Books
  • Contact Information:  (You may need to make this up!)
    • Address:
    • Phone Number:
    • Email address
    • Photos:  (5)
    •  Albums: (2)





Video Showing how to

Download PowerPoint template

The PowerPoint looks like this   

Here is a video showing

how to change the template 



Download the PowerPoint below and

Save it as YOUR NAME Facebook

Facebook sample page - JFK.ppt

Click the link above for the SAMPLE JFK template to change.


Save your PowerPoint to the class blog if you need to.  Click here for a link


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