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netsmartz videos

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NetSmartz Videos



Students demonstrate how rumors can get out of control through a story circle activity. They watch the NSTeens video "Mike-Tosis" and discuss how spreading rumors online can have offline consequences.



Attitude Overdrive

Students will watch the NSTeens video "Attitude Overdrive" and discuss appropriate conduct while gaming online. They will then separate into groups and write short skits that demonstrate proper gaming etiquette.



Profile Penalty

Students will watch the NSTeens video "Profile Penalty" and discuss how the actions they take online have offline consequences. They will create a Q&A Sheet using PowerPoint to share with their peers.



Terrible tEXt

Students watch the NSTeens video "Terrible tEXt" and discuss different kinds of cyberbullying. In groups, they read about real-life cyberbullying cases and give group presentations explaining the cases to the class.



Post-to-be Private

Students watch "Post-to-be Private" and discuss what rules should be followed when adding "friends" on social networking sites. They participate in an activity where they decide whether or not to add someone they don't know in real life to their friends list. Students then write a persuasive letter to help a fictional friend realize potential dangers of using social networking sites.






Int Profile Penalty.pdf

Int Terrible tEXt.pdf

Mid errible tEXt.pdf

Int Post To Be Private.pdf

Mid Post To Be Private.pdf 

IM MikeTosis.pdf

MS MikeTosis.pdf

IM Attitude Overdrive.pdf

MS Attitude Overdrive.pdf



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