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It's SSR time

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Independent Reading Assignment Overview


You will begin the month by completing the Independent Reading Introduction Page. You must complete one assignment from the Independent Reading Menu each week. You will have a choice of 3 activities to complete each week. You will be allowed to work on this during our reading time. At the end of the month, you must choose a final project to complete based on your book.


Of course, things get complicated sometimes. A student who wants to read an exceptionally long book may get an extension. I am open to students abandoning books, as long as they can give a good reason. For students who like to speed through books, I remind them to do the Introduction Page and End of Book Form on at least one book in the month.


I grade the assignments and the forms using the “clipboard cruise” method…while the students read, I check their work. This gives them immediate feedback, allows me to confer with them about their reading, and keeps me from lugging papers home.


I hope that you enjoy this and make it work for you. Cultivating a love of reading in our students is our most important job. Enjoy!


Independent reading is an important part of our class. 3 days a week, we will have reading time that will last 15 minutes. You are accountable for using this time wisely. Please read the notes below.


Expectation: All students are required to read one grade-level appropriate book every four weeks.


  • You will be able to choose your book, but it must be approved by me and it must be at least 150 pages long.

  • Many of you will want to read more than one book in a four-week period. That’s great! Be sure to complete the “Book Completion Form” for at least one book each month.

  • Keep a log of your reading in your binder.

  • Bring your book to class each day!




  • The Independent Reading Introduction page and an End of Book Form should be completed for at least one book each month.

  • All weekly assignments should be completed on a blank sheet of notebook paper, unless otherwise noted. You are responsible for showing your best effort on these assignments. Be neat!


Independent Reading Weekly Activities


  • Complete your reading goal and one activity for each week. Be ready to hand in your work each Friday at the beginning of class.

  • Write your activities on a sheet of clean notebook paper.

  • Put the activity number and the title of your book at the top of the paper.


Week One

1.1: Make a list of at least three predictions for the book—think about characters, setting, and genre. As you read the first few chapters, write down whether your predictions were accurate.

1.2: Write a list of at least five events that have happened so far. Make a prediction about what the conflict, or problem, will be.

1.3: The first few chapters of a book often contain a detailed description of the setting. Find a page with many setting details. Draw a picture of the setting. Label at least five specific details from the text.


Week Two

2.1: List three characters in the book so far. Describe their physical appearance, importance to the story, and character traits.

2.2: Make a list of six events in the story. What caused each event? What was the effect of each event?

2.3: Describe an exciting event from the book as if you were a sports broadcaster.


Week Three

3.1: Write a letter to a character in the book. Include your reaction to the events in the book, your feelings about the character’s choices, and what you think the character should do now. (At least one page)

3.2: Choose five interesting or unusual words from the book so far. Create a semantic map for each, including definition, the word in a sentence, related words, and synonyms.

3.3: Think about the relationship of the setting to the story. Could this story have happened in another place? Why or why not?


Week Four

4.1: Theme is the underlying message of a piece of text. Write a paragraph to express what you think is the theme of this book.

4.2: Style is the way an author writes a text. How do you feel about the author’s style in this book? Is it formal or informal? Do you like the way the sentences sound?

4.3: Often, characters change as a result of events in a novel. Describe the changes that a character went through in this book.



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