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Critique Dancer Adjusting her Stocking 4

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Art critics are masters at looking and asking questions. They are like detectives. Be an art critic detective and answer the questions that the art critic asks

Description: Searching for Internal Clues

  • What do you see? What subject matter? What is happening in the picture? A woman
  • What art elements do you see? What lines dominate the art work? I looks very curvy and shiney
  • What shapes dominate the artwork? Rounded and rough
  • What colors dominate the picture? greyish silver
  • Name the patterns/texture that you find. A rough metal



  • How has the picture (art elements) been arranged? (Artists repeat lines, shapes, colors, and patterns in exciting ways to make an artwork more interesting.) It was melted down
  • How are the shapes arranged? (symmetrical, triangle, vertical, circular, grid) Use tracing paper to find the major directional flow. Sharp and rugade
  • How are the colors arranged? Are the colors predominantly light or dark? Are they bright or dull? There dull
  • How is the space arranged? (flat, overlapping, or deep dimensional) There overlapping and unsmooth


  • How did the artist make this picture? (draw, paint, collage, model or carve, other) By melting metal
  • What materials did he use? (clay, wood, oil, acrylic, charcoal, other)  Metal
  • Interpretation: What does this painting mean to you? It means follow your dreams
  • How do the colors make you feel? (mood) sad
  • How does it feel? (touch) Like__________________________ rough 
  • How does it sound? Like_____________________________nothing 
  • How does it taste? Like______________________________like metal
  • How does it smell? Like______________________________ like nickle
  • Give this work a title ________The Determind Woman________________________ (Include the subject, what they are doing, and adjectives/adverbs that you wrote down for feel, sound, taste, etc.)
  • What symbols do you see?
  • What do the colors symbolize (for example, blue can mean


It is not important that we like or dislike an artwork, but that we try to understand why it is famous. Art critics find this artwork important or significant for art history for one, two of all of the following reasons. Circle the best reasons.

  • Imitative. The artist tried to accurately describe the subject matter--the event, people, objects. Its a woman preparing to dance
  • Formalistic: The artist experimented with the art elements (shapes, colors, space) in an unusual way. Because, he used metal
  • Emotionalism. The artist emphasized the mood or symbols. By making it rough
  • Functionalism: The artist intended the work to be useful, religious, educational, or propaganda. Propaganda


Who would appreciate this work? (Grandmother, the minister, a policeman, Native Americans)

My Uncle  


Group Members: Sheldon Schieffler, Andre Osther, Germain Hall, Tambar Bell



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