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Dancer in Green research 5

Page history last edited by Christine 9 years, 7 months ago

Put your artifact in context with what is happening in the world.  What is going on during the time that your artifact was created?

Do some research and find out about the people, places and things that were important during that time period.  Museum brochure info


Events in the time period 

exposition opened in paris nov. 10 it closed

treaty of berlin  


 cleopatra needle arrived in london

battle of shipka pass iv

humbert becomes king of italy

battle of philippopolis

benjamin diareali

pope pupis died after 32 year rang



empty space

half profile

picture plane

back lighting

selective viewing   



Important people

gift to charles c. henderson in memory nancys,henderson  





Artist BackgroundEdgar Degas Screensaver - 210 Paintings 1.0




liked to paint portraits and historical themes the first decade of his career.studied jockeys,milliners,laundresses,opera,singers and dancers. for his art works  



Bibliographical Information (Cites used)





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