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PART 7: Post-Viewing

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The program ends with high school graduation and some changes. Sara has received help for her eating disorder; Greg decides it’s time to disconnect from the Internet as he starts college; and Autumn Edows' parents are supportive of her online identity. How do parents and teens better understand life online? Use these questions with the program chapter Updates.


7.1. At the end of the program, we see the parents of Autumn Edows, who are now supportive of their daughter’s online identity. Her father says: "People say things about the Internet, and they talk about the danger. From where I stand, I’m glad it’s there." But earlier in the show, we learned that they had made her delete the photos of herself from her computer. What must have happened to cause this dramatic shift in the parents’ thinking?


7.2. At the end of the program, Greg decides it’s time for him to "disconnect" by going to the Coast Guard Academy, where he will spend seven weeks without cell phones or the Internet. Have you ever thought about "disconnecting" from it all? Do you think it would be easy or difficult? What would you enjoy or dislike about disconnecting?

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