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CoSN Resources best of the bayou

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Best of the Bayou

Valerie R. Burton

Jefferson Parish Schools

West Jefferson High School

Harvey, LA




and answering a Frequently Asked Question

Question: What can you do in a classroom with 33 ninth graders and computers?

Answer: PowerPoint Presentation, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Digital Stories


Faux Facebook

WJ Scholars create Facebook pages for famous Americans (Nonfiction Unit.) My Scholars….

  1. Read an article about a famous American

  2. Summarized this information and created a Faux Facebook page for their American

  3. Uploaded the PowerPoints onto Slideshare and then embedded them into their blogs

Student Work





Create Podcasts for New Orleans Museum of Art

WJ Scholars create podcasts describing artifacts displayed at the Museum of Art (Nonfiction Unit.) My Scholars….

  1. Selected a work of art to research, describe and analyze

  2. Summarized this information and created a wikipage containing research results

  3. Created a podcast describing an artifact

  4. Uploaded the to SoundCloud to be shared

Student Work



Create Blog Posts from Journal Topics

WJ Scholars create blog posts about being stranded, famous people to meet and resources if stranded

  1. Composed blog post for personal blog

  2. Added response to class blog

Student Work





Digital Stories

WJ Scholars study technology integration (MiniResearch Project.) My Scholars….

  1. Read and summarized articles from eSchool about Technology Integration

  2. Summarized research results and created a PowerPoint Presentation with at least 20 slides (slides with text and pictures)

  3. Saved PowerPoints slides as jpegs

  4. Created a Digital Story using PhotoPeach

Student Work

Destiny((: http://photopeach.com/album/14bi0n2

Klark's High Techno... http://photopeach.com/album/101jpoq

jingle techno http://photopeach.com/album/9xspnc


Wikipages for “Up From Slavery”

WJ Scholars read and respond to Booker T. Washington’s “Up From Slavery” (NonFiction Unit.) My Scholars….

  1. Completed a PreReading Webquest about Slavery in America

  2. Created a wikipage with those results

  3. Read and blogged about the book

  4. Created glogs with their “Up From Slavery” responses

Student Work:




Talking about Ted Talks

WJ Scholars watched and responded to a Ted Talk (NonFiction Unit.) My Scholars….

  1. Watched a Ted Talk by Chimamanda Adichie

  2. Created a blog post in response

Student Work:




My philosophy of education is to provide my students with an inquiry-based atmosphere that fosters their individualized interests and talents.  In my English I class, I use project based learning and technology to make learning enjoyable for all.  Because my students have a variety of strengths, weakness and learning styles, I design each lesson so that it is diversified enough so that all students are able to succeed.


Personal site: http://sites.google.com/site/msbisonline/

Class Blog : http://msvrburton.edublogs.org/

Class Wiki : http://msburtonisonline.pbworks.com/

Student Wiki : http://scholarlysubmissions1011.pbworks.com/

Twitter : @MsBisOnline http://twitter.com/MsBisOnline

PLN Blog : http://2blog2share2learn.edublogs.org/  




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