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ShelbyE Warning Shot

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Warning Shots p. 6

The attempted assassination of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has reignited the long debate over guns in America.



  1. Why is such an amendment important in the nation's earliest years? Because new US had to defend itself against the British.
  2. How has the Supreme Court interpreted that language in recent decisions? Individuals can have weapons to
  3. Do you think there should be any restrictions on an individual's right to own and carry guns today? If so, what kind? yes, i think you should have a hunting i.d.



  1. Gun-control advocates say that Arizona's gun laws are too permissive. 
  2. What do you think? i think they are perfectly fine.
  3. Should people be able to carry concealed weapons into restaurants and bars? No, they should not.
  4. On college campuses? Why or why not? No, because they might have a threat against a kid on campus and may harm them in some kind of ways.
  5. Why do you think more teens than adults support gun-control laws? Adults are more responsable
  6. What, if anything, do you think could have prevented the Tucson shootings? Yes, if they would have asked for a lisence or asked for a hunting lisence for protection.
  7. How do you think gun-control supporters and opponents would answer this questions? They would say that it affect's their sales.
  8. When describing her bill to ban large-volume gun magazines, Congresswomen Carolyn McCarthy, Democrat of New York, said, "This is not a gun-control bill. I like to use the word 'gun-safety bills.'"  What point do you think she was trying to make? Do you agree? She was trying to say that no one will be harmed if your allowed to have a gun.



Take a stand: Should the U.S. ban the sale of gun magazines that contain more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

no, because that way they can be pinned down fast.



WRITING PROMPT (Use this wikipage as the rough draft for your essay.  Your final draft will go on your blog. 2nd pd3rd pd. 4th pd)

Does the U.S. need tighter gun-control restrictions? Why or why not? They do need to make it wear you should use guns for strictly hunting animals.

Draft an essay for a blog post that would persuade fellow citizens to agree with you. Support your arguments with facts and examples.  Use the chart below to help you compile useful facts for your response.



What happened to Congresswoman Giffords?
 She was shot in the head. 
What type of magazine clips were banned? and why?
 High Capacity. They are the focus of gun control advocateds.
How many people own handguns?
89 out of every 100 people in the USA 
What happened at Fort Hood? in November 2009, an Army Major opened fire on a crowd killing 13 people & wounding almost 30 others. 
What percentage of high school students are in favor of stricter gun sale laws?
What percentage of Americans are in favor of stricter gun sale laws?
Which states do not require a permit to carry a concealed weapon? California, Hawaii, MaryLand, Massachusettes, New Jersey, New York & District of Columbia 
What is the number of people who have died in U.S. from gun violence since 2007?
What happened at Virginia Tech? A student gunman killed 33 people 
What does the 1994 Brady law require?  A backround Check 


Put your rough draft here.


(Use this wikipage as the rough draft for your essay.  Your final draft will go on your blog. 2nd pd3rd pd. 4th pd)

Does the U.S. need tighter gun-control restrictions? Why or why not?

   The US does need tigher gun-control restrictions. They still have people that buy guns for harming other humans. Also, a lot of people buy guns to just hunt for animals, like country people. They should have a hunting lisence in order to buy guns and/or weapons.  

    The US rules about guns are not strict enough. They let you buy guns after you have a backround check. Just because you havent done anything in the past doesnt mean you wont do anything in the future. A lot of people have a backround check and it comes up positive so they get to buy a gun and then they buy a gun. They use that gun to harm someone or threaten when they have a gun.

    The had to ban gun magazines that have more then 10 rounds. The only states that allow those magazine are

California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusettes, New Jersey, and The district of Columbia. They dont agree with the law of the magazines. 31,224 people died from gun violence in 2007. 89 guns in the United States for every 100 people. There is 65 percent of high school students who suppor stricter laws covering the sale of guns. 





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