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Melanie Discovery

Page history last edited by melanier 8 years, 10 months ago

To begin with the end in mind, you must know where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve in life. 


Refer to pages 86-89 to complete your Great Discovery.  Answer the questions in a complete sentence on the right side of this table. 



A person who made a positive difference in my life is my older sister.


The qualities that they have that I would like to develop are teaching other how to cook, and drawing most of the time.


In 20 years I will be surrounded by good people with good mind like family and friends.


I will be having my own food store.

  I would be willing to cross a thousand dollars. 
  If I could spend one day in a great library I would study a book sloving crime. 

The 10 things that I love to do are:

 1. Drawing

 2. Listening to music

 3. Daydreaming

 4. Cooking

 5. Looking at magazines

 6. Hanging out with friends

 7. Going on the computer

 8. Partying

 9. Going out

10. Not going to school  

  The time when I were deeply inspired is when in Sharon M. Darper came to my school and talk to us. 
  I would want them to say that im a good students with a college careers that is inspired by other. 
The thing that represents me is a song because i can express myself in any kinda of way. 

If i could spend in hour with anybody it would be with my grandmother.


My grandmother because i didn't have the time to talk to her.


I would ask her why did she have to leave so soon.

  One talents that im good at is memorizing things. 



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