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To begin with the end in mind, you must know where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve in life. 


Refer to pages 86-89 to complete your Great Discovery.  Answer the questions in a complete sentence on the right side of this table. 



A person who made a a positive difference in my life is my big ccousins sharome & shandricka ,


The qualities that they have that I would like to develop are understanding & listen to what I am going through .




In 20 years I will be surrounded by happiness and contentment in jesus , my family & more money NO KIDS !

I will be wealthy and joyfull .


3.) Things that I would be willing to cross two sky scrapers is my jesus & my family .


4.) If I could spen one day studying about one thing in a library it would be stories about teenagers & the illuminati .


5.)  The 10 things I love to do are

-learn about jesus-learn about intresting stuff-tweet-do make-talk to myself-party-spend time with family-make people laugh-get on the internet-talk to jesus-chil with friends[:


6.) One time I was deeply inspired was when I was listening too this pastor telling us ( the youth ) that we can do IT !!


7.) The things that I would want to say about me is the TRUTH point blank .


8.) Something that represents me is my sign which is a gemeni .


9.) The person I would choose to spend an hour with is AnneFrank.


10.) One talent I can say I have is being a good listener when someone needs to get stuff off there chest evn if I dont know .




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