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KaylaG Great Discovery

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To begin with the end in mind, you must know where you want to go, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve in life. 


Refer to pages 86-89 to complete your Great Discovery.  Answer the questions in a complete sentence on the right side of this table. 



A person who made a a positive difference in my life is Layla


The qualities that they have that I would like to develop are basketball


In 20 years I will be surrounded by dogs.


I will be veterinarian. 

  i would cross the beam for my dog 
  i would study about animals d if i stayed the library.

10 things i love to do are










10)agravate peolple 

  i was once deeply inspire to play basketball when i saw my friend Halie playing and she looked like a pro. 
  in five years i would want my family to say im great person, im different, somtimes complicated & pretty.
i think a music symbol represents me. 
if can spend an hour with somebody it would be Marsha Ambrosha. i'd pick her because i want to be like her when i get older. pretty & successful ,  would ask her how to sing.
  creative thinking , making things happen, predicting what will happen, listening, singing, & sharing.



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