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Vacation Package

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Planning A Summer Vacation

A travel agency has hired your group to compile a vacation package to be offered through their company.  Your group is creating the Power Point Presentation the travel agency will use to advertise the package.



1.  What is your destination? 

(Where are you going?)

2.  What are your activities?

(What are you going to do?)

3.  Who is your mode of transportation?  Who is your provider?  (Which company are you using?)

4.  What are your accommodations?

(Where are you staying?)

5.  What are your culinary (dining) arrangements?

(Where are you going to eat?)




1.  Your vacation is for a family of four.

2.  You must be for 7 days (6 nights).

3.  You must stay in the United States.

4.  Your spending limit is $4,000.  (This includes all money: transportation, accommodations, food, admissions, and souvenirs)

5.  Your transportation options are:  plane, train, or bus.

6.  How will you get from your transportation site to your hotel?  How much will it cost per person?



1.  As a group you will decide on: the location, activities, and type of hotel accommodations.

2. Individually:

  • Person A:  Transportation Costs (don't forget getting to and from the transportation site)
  • Person B:  Hotel Costs
  • Person C:  Costs of Activities and Souvenirs
  • Person D:  Culinary Expenses (where are you eating? estimate the cost per person?)

***IF you are a 3 person group,

one person will do A & B.***


3.  Make a Power Point of your trip.  Include pictures of EVERYTHING!!  DON'T FORGET YOUR NAME!

4.  Your last slide will be the cost breakdown of the trip.

5.  You must write in complete sentences! (A complete thought, that starts with a capital letter, and ends with a period!)  Remember who your audience.

6.  There is NO slide minimum, BUT be sure to include EVERYTHING!



Be Sure to Include:

  • How many miles are between New Orleans and your destination?
  • Provide the absolute and relative location of your destination.
  • Which direction will you travel?
  • What is the climate of your destination?
  • What time zone do you live in? What time zone will you be visiting? What is the time difference?
  • What physical features (landforms) are near your destination?
  • What kind of animals are native there?



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